From Surviving to Thriving

We were two different personalities with the same problem:

There wasn’t enough hours in the day.

As caregivers in our full-time professions, we could see the effects our environments and need for constant mental adaptability to our patients’ needs was having on our own lives.

Something had to change.

We started with one of the things we had in our control - the same thing we were reviving in those we cared for in our professional lives: Our health!

It couldn’t be THAT hard, right? I mean, we worked in the medical field. We went to college for this kinda stuff. We already knew WHAT to do, we just had to do it!

Well, our plan was DEFINITELY a lot easier to execute when we imagined it in our heads. We felt like we were spending more money, wasting more time and getting way more stressed than before! But really, we were just making things harder on ourselves because we were too scared to climb over the obstacles in front of us-

Our insecurities and altered perceptions.

The fabricated stories and bogus excuses we had been feeding our brains for years were turning this simple road into an up-hill, pack your climbing gear, load up your donkey extravaganza!

We knew this was something regular people, just like us, were having trouble with.

So, here are your sisters, ready to get you out of your head so you can regain control of your life!


What can you expect from The Sisters?

  • A hot mess.

  • Lots of food.

  • Definitely some serious organizational hacks.

  • Exercise - for your body and your mind.

  • Some seriously corny inspiration.

  • Daily motivation.

  • Personal Development.

  • A work in progress.

  • Swearing. #sorrynotsorry

  • Best hair days, ever.

  • Early morning workouts.

  • Education.

  • Did I say food?

  • Gut health.

  • All the craftiness.

  • Cozy products to enhance your environment.

  • Impromptu dance parties.

  • Two motivated sisters targeting your passion for life.