From Surviving to Thriving

As caregivers, we are exposed to every walk of life - the good, the bad and the ugly. We could see the effects our negative environments were having on lives and knew something had to change. We started with one of the biggest things we have in our control - The same thing we were reviving in those we cared for in our professional lives: Our health. Not just losing weight and eating healthy. We started targeting ourselves from every angle, mentally, physically and emotionally. With the positive changes we started making in our own lives, we could see the ripple effect into our surrounding environment. We saw that the flu wasn’t the only thing contagious in our lives - our attitudes and perceptions shaped the environment we were in. We knew this was something we couldn't keep between us, and so, thus was born The Other Sister.    


What can you expect from The Sisters?

  • A hot mess.

  • Lots of food.

  • Definitely some serious organizational hacks.

  • Exercise - for your body and your mind.

  • Some seriously corny inspiration.

  • Daily motivation.

  • Personal Development.

  • A work in progress.

  • Swearing. #sorrynotsorry

  • Best hair days, ever.

  • Early morning workout motivation.

  • Education.

  • Did I say food?

  • Gut health.

  • All the craftiness.

  • Cozy products to enhance your environment.

  • Impromptu dance parties.

  • Two motivated sisters targeting your passion for life from both sides.