Good ones. Bad ones. Get a new perspective on what habits can and cannot do for you, and how to change them.



Sounds kinda woo-woo. See what the Sisters’ define as meditation and how it helps get in a better head space.


Positive Polly or Negative Nancy?

Our thoughts and attitude guide every decision we make, including how we feel and how we react to every situation. Check out some things you may be thinking that could be helping or hurting your motivation and success.



With all the changes, good and bad, happening in the world, there is not a shortage of distractions. See how we set up our environments to help us maintain focus on our goals.



Brain Training

Your brain is a muscle, too. Just like any other muscle in our body, we need to know what our goals are so we can develop a plan to get there.

Join the Sisters’ Mindset Makeover to learn where your head is at right now, and how to change course to head in your desired direction.