Two Sisters, One Goal



Hey there! I am Michelle, the older "Other Sister".

First off, I am a wife to my best friend, the man who keeps my crazy in check- Tyler, and dog mama to Cole, our very reserved and timid Boxer/Rottweiler. I am the co-creator of The Other Sister along with (currently) being a full time Emergency Department Nurse.

Before all this, I was a High School Bio Teacher, an Executive Administrator for a large hotel chain, College Equestrian Team Coach, and Nurse in the Army Reserves (pheeww, that was a lot). At the start of this crazy twelve year journey, my spirit animal could best be described as an ostrich with its head in the sand. Each of these roles gave me a piece of the shit-tastic puzzle I believed was my life.

I was finally able to connect all the pieces together with the help of a community of fellow hard-working, motivated and open-minded people on a journey of their own, but just as passionate to share their life nuggets that helped them find their way. With their support, accountability and motivation I was able to find clarity through healthier eating habits, daily exercise and movement, and some serious personal development (#gimmealltheselfhelpbooks).

My goal is to help you get your head out of the sand and back on your shoulders (obvi in a shoeter amount of time than it took me).

So if you feel like that poor little ostrich with its head buried, let me help you find a new spirit animal that better represents the person you know you want to be.

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Little Sister! Incoming!

I think on a whole I embody most of your typical little sister qualities; loud, free-spirited, a little on the weird side... You know, the usual.

On top of that, I am married to my partner in crime, Rob, who always keeps me on my toes and pushes me to strive for more! We have the cutest of all the fur-babies, The Dud, our long-haired, now short-haired cat (Thanks to the groomer ). I am a full-time Contract Physical Therapist, and full-time student of life. If ya ain't growin', ya dying!

I am known to be high-energy, which sometimes turns into just plain old highly distracted :) I thrive on infecting those around me with my (sometimes over-the-top) excitement and positivity for life.

I have recently found my deep passion for creating; whether it be a delicious and healthy meal, an inspiringly (yup, I made that up) potent candle, or even just creating a feeling through manipulating one's environment (aka Organization, baby). My constant curiosity and search for creating #mybestlife helped spark my desire to co-create this amazing collaboration with my literal and figurative sister <3.

At The Other Sister, we want to share with you the simple, but not easy, changes you can make to #liveyourbestlife.

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