Two Sisters, One Goal



Hey there! I am Michelle, the older "Other Sister".  

First off, I am a wife to my best friend, the man who keeps my crazy in check- Tyler. I am a dog mama to Cole, my very reserved and timid Boxer/Rottweiler. I am the co-creator of The Other Sister along with (currently) being a full time Emergency Department Nurse.

Before all this, I was a High School Bio Teacher, an Executive Administrator, and Nurse in the Army Reserves. Each one of these roles filling a little part of my heart, fueling a fire for more, and leading me down a very long and winding rocky road. Each turn was filled with one obstacle or another, but always leading me to a higher ground.

It was not until I found a community of people in search of the same support and clarity in their lives as I was mine, that I felt I could see the road ahead with a clear vision.  I found this clarity through healthier eating habits, incorporating exercise into my daily routine, and some serious personal development (#gimmealltheselfhelpbooks).


Little Sister! Incoming!

I think on a whole I embody most of your typical little sister qualities; loud, free-spirited, a little on the weird side... You know, the usual. 

On top of that, I am married to my partner in crime, Rob, who always seems to keep me on my toes, never letting life get boring, always keeping me strive for more! We have the cutest of all the fur-babies, The Dud, our long-haired, now short-haired cat (Thanks to the groomer 🙂).  I am a full-time Contract Physical Therapist, and full-time student of life, always trying to grow along side my dreams! 

I have deep-seeded obsession for creating; whether it be a delicious and healthy meal or an inspiringly potent candle. I thrive on creating a positive life for myself and those around me. 

My constant curiosity and search for creating the dream for myself and those I love helped inspire my yearning to create this amazing collaboration, The Other Sister, to share with you the teachings this journey brings us so you can experience for yourself what doors open for you once you put yourself first.

Photos featuring Aro Hā